What Parents Should Do Instead of Worrying that Smartphones Will 'Destroy' Their Kids

Love this balanced piece about kids and tech. "Approaching all of our kids’ media experiences with an attitude of fear and guilt that we are letting them interact in these spaces fails to support them. Techno-shaming other parents shuts down dialogue and community. Thoughtful curiosity and healthy skepticism are much better ingredients for raising savvy digital citizens."

Bystander Intervention Can Stop Sexual Assault Before It Happens

We know sexual harassment and assault are a part of teens' school and social lives, but what should teens actually DO when they witness harassment? Here's some practical advice on bystander intervention. Be sure to check out the embedded video-- a great conversation starter with teens!

Schools and Parents Fight a Juul e-Cigarette Epidemic

I have been ranting about e-cigarettes, vaping, and Juuling for quite some time, so the fact that both Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal have published articles in the last week about teen use of Juuls actually makes me happy. This is a trend that has taken parents and educators (AND many physicians) completely off guard. We have made such enormous strides in recent decades in terms of decreased rates of teen smoking. Enter the sleek, hip-looking Juul, with it's delicious flavors. Perfectly discreet to use, and marketed as a safe alternative to smoking. OF COURSE kids are going to be drawn to this trend. Nicotine is highly addictive, especially in teenage brains. Studies show that te



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