How to Talk With Teenagers About Vaping

Yes, I'm back with yet another vaping post. That's how concerned about this subject I am-- exacerbated by the fact that I just saw an ad for e-cigarettes in Time magazine, which we get because my teenage son subscribes to it. NOT happy! Vaping has become an increasingly popular trend among teens and young adults, including those who are naive to smoking. Studies show that non-smokers who start vaping are more likely to pick up cigarette smoking than are those who never vape. There are many concerns for potential negative health consequences of inhaling chemical flavorings, and nicotine is extremely addictive, ESPECIALLY in teen brains which are more susceptible to addiction of all kinds. Unf

What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn

Here's an eye-opening piece on teens and porn. Parents, buckle your seatbelts and read on. The technology and easy access to online pornography is not going away, so how do you plan to discuss this topic with your teens? And what conversations are you having with younger kids, so that they will feel comfortable talking to you if and when they find explicit material online (or it finds them)?

Perfectionism Among Teens is Rampant (and We're Not Helping)

"She puts so much pressure on herself." Read this thoughtful piece by Rachel Simmons -- there are healthier messages we can be sharing with our teens. "...the very phrasing of the statement — “on herself” — lays blame for distress at the feet of our teens, rather than a culture that is stoking the flames of their anxiety."

Girl Power Time!

I am SO excited to be a part of this upcoming workshop series for tween girls. Click on the pic for more details!

Talking with Teens About Marijuana

With marijuana now legal in my home state of California, more and more teens are under the impression that using the substance is "no big deal". In the short term, marijuana can impair judgement, coordination and memory. Regular use in teen years can have long term consequences on memory, learning, and IQ, and there is an association between heavy teen use and both mood disorders and schizophrenia later in life. Because of their adolescent brain development, teens are more likely to become addicted to ANY substance than adults. Here's my interview on the subject with



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