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Doctors Don't Perform Well When They Are Afraid

This is an important read from Forbes about the lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers. This is not sensationalism. I am hearing from my husband and from my physician colleagues out there fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in our local hospitals and clinics--they are already running low on necessary supplies, and this is only the beginning of this health crisis. Meanwhile, I was on a walk in my neighborhood yesterday and saw a man wearing a surgical mask to clean out his garage. I'm not sure if he was worried about infecting the boogie boards or vice versa. I don't mean to judge, as there is so much misinformation out there and folks are scared, but PLEASE, if you have N-95 masks and surgical masks and other PPE's at home, consider donating them to the doctors and nurses who need them the most. People who are socially distancing at home do NOT need these supplies. Physicians and other healthcare workers on the front lines DO. Help them stay protected so that they can keep everyone else healthy. If you live on the west side of LA and have supplies you'd like to donate, please contact me directly to coordinate donation. Thank you. #coronavirusconfirmed #somedocs #covid19

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