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Parent and Child education on puberty and adolescence




Hi, I’m Dolly Klock. I’m a family medicine physician and mom of two teens. Over the last twenty years, I’ve had the privilege of helping countless kids and their parents start important conversations about tricky subjects— puberty and sex, substance use, body image, mental health, technology use, and so much more. I love talking about all the stuff that other people find awkward. Here’s just a sampling of the kinds of questions I get:  

  • When and how should I start talking to my kids about puberty or sex? Or better yet… will you just do it for me?

  • I found my 12-year-old son googling “boobs”-- what do I do?

  • Can you talk to my high schooler and his friends about fentanyl?

  • My middle schooler’s friends are vaping.  How do I keep my kid from following in their footsteps?

  • My 16-year-old is getting serious with her boyfriend.  How do I talk to her about safe sex, while still imparting our family’s values?

  • What’s the right age for a first phone? What about social media?

  • Why is my tween so grouchy after school?

  • I just discovered that my daughter has been watching porn.  What should I do?


Most pediatricians and family doctors do a wonderful job of tackling these subjects during medical visits, but in the midst of a busy practice, time is not always on their side. It is quite common for parents to want extra support in this area, and kids often need additional time to open up. ADOLESSONS was born with this in mind. It is my goal that, together, we will be able to open lines of communication, tackle important topics with facts and humor, and build community.


Let’s talk.




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Dolly Klock, MD is a board-certified family medicine physician, founder of Adolessons, speaker, consultant and mom of two teens.  Dr. Klock holds a BS from UCLA, an MD from Albany Medical College, and completed her Family Medicine residency at Brown University-Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. She has over twenty years experience helping families connect over tricky topics, and believes that the best preventive medicine is delivered via effective health education. Through Adolessons, Dr. Klock provides individual and group consultations for parents, teens and tweens, around a variety of topics germane to child and adolescent health: childhood sexual development, puberty, teen sexualtiy in the digital age, body image, mental health, vaping/substance use, and more

Legal Disclaimer: ADOLESSONS is designed as an educational resource on the topics of puberty, child and adolescent health and development, and parenting.  Neither ADOLESSONS nor Dolly Klock, MD provide any individualized medical advice in this forum or in connection with ADOLESSONS.  If you have medical or mental health questions or issues specific to your health or that of your family, you must contact your physician, or in the event you are having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 immediately.

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Bring Adolessons...

to your home, school, business or organization for an engaging workshop or seminar.  The following is a list of Adolessons’ most requested talks, all of which can be tailored to your group’s specific needs. Additional topics are available upon request.

Seminars and Workshops

For Parents and Educators

Bodies, Boundaries and

the Birds & Bees

Calling all elementary school parents!  Whether you feel like you just finished potty training or your kid is in full-fledged puberty, this workshop is for you. Learn how to start important, protective and FUN conversations with your child and establish yourself as an askable parent for those inevitable and tricky questions about body parts, nudity, co-bathing, privacy, puberty, sex and more.

90 minutes

Puberty Prep for Parents

Changing bodies, crushes, eye rolls, questions about sex. Puberty is here (or on the horizon), so let’s talk about it! We will cover the physical and emotional changes of puberty, adolescent brain development, and how to talk with your kids about puberty and sex, as well as the extra layer that online spaces add to these conversations. This workshop is geared toward parents of 3rd-6th graders.  

90 minutes


Whether screen-time battles with your kids are a daily reality or you feel like you have the tech scene under control, join Dolly Klock, MD for a community discussion about kids and screens. We will talk about the challenges of parenting in the digital space, considerations when introducing new devices and platforms, the intersection of puberty and tech, and finding balance in a way that feels right for your family.

90 minutes


Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

How the Media shapes Body Image:

It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not in today’s world. In this workshop, we will examine feminine and masculine beauty ideals, the manipulation of images through photoshop and filters and discuss how modern day images, advertisements and messages from media impact self-image, expectations and health.

90 minutes

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Teen Party Culture

Whether your teens are heading off to big parties, hanging out with small groups of friends, or at home alone, teen party culture is a part of their lives. This workshop designed for parents of middle and high schoolers will cover teen development, important information about vaping, weed and booze, Snapchat dealers and fentanyl poisonings, as well as practical tips for safer partying and “outs” for sticky situations.

90 minutes


Teen Hookups in the Digital Age

Puberty, Hookups, Sexting, oh my!  Talking about sex with teens can be tricky, and the digital landscape adds an extra layer to the conversation. Let’s dig into how to talk with your middle and high schoolers about changing bodies, sex, relationships, consent, sexting, online exposure to pornography and more.

90 minutes


College Health: A Guide to Physical, Mental and Sexual Health on College Campuses

Your kid is off to college. Now what? Learn what you need to know about college physical and mental health services, confidentiality, student self-advocacy and what to pack in a dorm first-aid kit. We’ll also cover  pre-gaming and hookups and thoughts for safer partying.

90 minutes

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Just ask. Other offerings include, Sports Parenting, Relationships, the Teen Brain, Dads Only groups and parenting book club and more. Variations of the above topics are also offered as joint parent-teen programs and as faculty in-service workshops. All talks are available in person or via Zoom.

Seminars and Workshops

Tween and Teen Groups

The following workshops are geared toward the kids, presented with facts and humor, and designed to allow for

parent and child participation and connection. The goal is to kick-start important conversations which can be continued at home. 


TweenTalk Series

Puberty doesn’t have to be so awkward. This fun and interactive series is designed for groups of kids and parents to participate in together. We will cover all things puberty: moods, body image, sleep, the changes that ALL bodies go through during puberty, menstruation, reproduction, pregnancy, childbirth, consent and more. This experience is geared toward 4th-6th graders, offered for single or mixed gender groups, and is tailored to the developmental stage of the kids attending. 

90 minutes


TeenTalk Series

Gather a group of teens (sorry parents, we’re kicking you out for this one) and we’ll cover the topic of your choice: parties and substances, body image, social media, hookups & sex, relationships, college health and more.

90 minutes



Dr. Klock offers private consultations (in person or via Zoom) for parents, educators, and other adults that care for teens on any of the topics mentioned above. Want to learn more?




Dolly is a nationally sought after speaker and consultant, teaching audiences of parents, teens & tweens, educators, health professionals and more, at the following schools and organizations…

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She is available to speak in person or virtually.



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Control the Scroll:  Managing

Social Media and Mental Health

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 2.23.25 PM.png

Move Over Playboy:

Online Pornography is Here and Kids Are Watching



So many books, so little time

Here are just a few of Adolessons' Favorites

Adolescent Development    |   Mental Health  |    Social Dynamics

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 2.29.41 PM.png

This is So Awkward:

Modern Puberty Explained:

Modern Puberty Explained

Natterson and Bennett


Never Enough:

When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic-and What We Can Do About It  

Jennifer Breheny Wallace


The Emotional Lives of Teenagers:

Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents 

Lisa Damour Ph.D.

Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 9.36.50 AM.png

Raising Empowered Athletes:

A Youth Sports Parenting Guide for Raising Happy, Brave, and Resilient Kids

Kirsten Jones


Middle School Superpowers:

Raising Resilient Tweens in Turbulent Times

Phyllis L. Fagell


Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen:

The Essential Conversations You Need

to Have with Your Kids Before They

Start High School, Michelle Icard


What Do You Say?:

How to Talk with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Happy Home, William Stixrud PhD, Ned Johnson


Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood, Lisa Damour, PhD


The Power of Likability in a

Status-Obsessed World,

Mitch Prinstein


The Teenage Brain:

A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults,

Frances E. Jensen, MD

with Amy Ellis Nutt

On Sex and Hookup Culture:


Sex, Teens, and Everything in Between:

The New and Necessary Conversations Today's Teenagers Need to Have about Consent, Sexual Harassment, Healthy Relationships, Love, and More

Shafia Zaloom


Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids:

A guide to raising sexually healthy, informed, empowered young people, 

Melissa Pintor Carnagey

American Girls:

Social Media

and the Secret

Lives of Teenagers,

Nancy Jo Sales


Boys & Sex:

Young Men on Hookups, Love, Porn, Consent, and Navigating the New Masculinity

Peggy Orenstein


Girls & Sex:

Navigating the Complicated New Landscape,

Peggy Orenstein

American Hookup:

The New Culture

of Sex on Campus,

Lisa Wade, PhD.

For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens about Sexuality, Values and Health, Al Vernacchio

Talk to Me First:

Everything You Need to Know to Become Your Kids’ “Go-To” Person About Sex,

Deborah Roffman

Teen party culture and college health:


What They Don't Teach Teens:

Life Safety Skills for Teens and the Adults Who Care for Them,

 Jonathan Cristall


The Addiction Inoculation:

Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence,

 Jessica Lahey


The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook:

Your Guide for Everything from Hangovers to Homesickness,

 Jill Grimes MD


Grown & Flown

How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults,

 Lisa Heffernan &

Mary Del Harrington



Generation Sleepless:

Why Tweens and Teens Aren't Sleeping Enough and How We Can Help Them

 Heather Turgeon MFT


Why We Sleep:

Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams,

Matthew Walker, PhD


The Sleep Deprived Teen:

Why Our Teenagers Are So Tired, and How Parents and Schools Can Help Them Thrive 

Lisa L. Lewis MS

Parenting in the Digital AGE:


Behind Their Screens:

What Teens Are Facing

(and Adults Are Missing)

Emily Weinstein & Carrie James


Growing Up in Public:

Coming of Age in a

Digital World,

Devorah Heitner



Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive)

in Their Digital World,

Devorah Heitner

books to share with tweens

These are books about puberty, puberty and sex, personal safety, and the digital world.  

Please read them first, before sharing with your child, to make sure that they are a good fit for your family.

What’s Happening to Me?

Girls Edition,

Susan Meredith

Guy Stuff:

The Body Book for Boys,

Dr. Cara Natterson

What’s Happening to Me?

Boys Edition,

Alex Frith



A Puberty Guide

for EVERY Body

Trish Hutchison MD FAAP,

Kathryn Lowe MD FAAP 


The Guide, Period.:

The Everything Puberty Book for the Modern Girl

 Naama Bloom 

It's Perfectly Normal:

Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health

Robie H. Harris


What Makes

A Baby,

Cory Silverberg


Like Ability:

The Truth About Popularity,

Lori Getz MA


First Phone:

A Child's Guide to Digital Responsibility, Safety, and Etiquette

Catherine Pearlman


Ultimate Kids' Guide to Being Super Healthy:

What You Need To Know About Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Hygiene, Stress, Screen Time, and More

Dr. Nina Shapiro


How to Be a Person:

65 Hugely Useful, Super-Important Skills to Learn before You're Grown Up,

 Catherine Newman


A Kids Book About Anxiety

Ross Szabo

Will Puberty Last My Whole Life?,

Julie Metzger, Rn, MN,

and Robert Lehman, MD

Super Duper Safety School:

Safety Rules for Kids & Grown-Ups, Pattie Fitzgerald

The Tech Savvy User’s Guide

to the Digital World, 

Lori Getz


(Again, please check these out before sharing with your teen to make sure they are a good fit):

Colorful Book Spines


Here's what people are saying about AdoLessons and Dr. Klock.



Dolly Klock is a godsend! Her credentials are mightily impressive, as is her humanity, and her sense of humor -- all vital ingredients in reaching her audience. She introduces language and knowledge to pave the way for clearer understanding and empathy during a time of phenomenal growth and development. Dolly's down-to-earth attitude and genuine caring bring insight and comfort to all ages.

—  John Evans,

Head of School, Village School


Dr. Dolly Klock is an absolute gem in the field of public speaking. With topics ranging from healthy relationships to the dangers of vaping, fentanyl, and more, she has an ability to convey scary information in a way that empowers and uplifts her audience. Parents leave her talks feeling equipped to help their children navigate life's challenges. Dr. Klock's remarkable gift for communication also extends to teenagers, who are drawn to her engaging and relatable style. Her ability to connect with this demographic is truly extraordinary. We cannot recommend Dr. Dolly Klock highly enough and are grateful for the invaluable contribution she has made to our community.

—  Ali Norman,

Wellness Counselor, Beverly Hills High School 


Dr. Klock is exceptionally knowledgeable and uniquely skilled at titrating her presentation to each particular audience while also sending a consistent message. She has presented a number of times for us, including workshops with our graduating seniors and parent presentations, and she has consulted on our Health Education curriculum. I recommend her with absolutely no reservations; the fact that we continue to invite her back for additional presentations speaks for itself. 

—  Mariasa Crandall,

Director of Educational and Counseling Services, Marlborough School


Thank you for giving me

the courage to talk proactively

with my boys.



Dr. Dolly is warm, funny, whip-smart— a perfect combination when discussing the science and the emotional nuances of adolescence. Her seminar was informative, entertaining, and empowering. Dr. Dolly is a terrific resource and ally!


Adolessons is the best gift you could give the pre-teens and teens in your life.


—  Allegra Richdale


Thank goodness for ADOLESSONS!  Dr. Dolly Klock did a fantastic job providing me and my friends with much needed information and advice for understanding and coping with the difficult period of adolescence.  Dolly helped us understand the changes our children are experiencing and how we as parents can support and guide them. ADOLESSONS is a must for any parent of a prepubescent child.  I was very nervous about what was to come and Dolly eased my fears and gave me the tools I need.  Thanks Dolly!


Thank you so much, Dolly, for the always engaging discussion. It was fun to see how *** interacted with her crew. I loved seeing her open up and talking about everything with you. You are magical.


After attending Dr. Dolly’s seminar, I was well-informed about what puberty means for both boys and girls, where I could go to find further resources, and, most importantly, Dr. Dolly armed me with the tools to start having important conversations about this otherwise sensitive topic.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to employ the skills and knowledge that I learned from Dr. Dolly almost immediately to open dialogue with my kids.  Dr. Dolly is passionate about this topic and is able to impart an incredible amount of information from a medical standpoint and from a social/emotional standpoint in a wonderfully easy-going manner.  I would highly recommend this seminar to all parents.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, it was fun and funny.”  


I really liked hearing Dr. Dolly talk.  It was nice being with a small group of friends vs. being at school where everyone is trying so hard to be cool about this stuff.





Social Media


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