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to your home, school, business or organization for an engaging workshop or seminar.  The following is a list of Adolessons’ most requested talks, all of which can be tailored to your group’s specific needs. Additional topics are available upon request.
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Seminars and Workshops

For Parents and Educators

Puberty Prep:  

Everything You Never

Wanted Your Kids to Know

Adolessons’ flagship parenting seminar for parents of 3rd-5th graders.  All the subjects you dread talking about with your kids...puberty, sex, and other tricky “growing up” topics.  Learn what to expect from this phase of life, and leave armed with practical advice on how and when to start important (and fun!) conversations with your kids.  Class can be tailored for parents of boys, girls, or a mixed group.  

90 minutes

Middle School


for Parents:

Parent-only seminar for parents of 6th-8th graders-- a more “grown up” version of Puberty Prep that also covers sexting, pornography exposure, hook-up culture, etc.  

90 minutes

Bodies and Sex

in the Digital Age:

This parenting workshop covers the intersection of human development and the digital world.  Subjects to be explored include the teenage brain, healthy teenage development, sexting, pornography exposure, consent and more. 

90 minutes

Starting a

Digital Dialogue:

This tech-positive parenting workshop explores the impact of technology on health and wellness and helps parents create a thoughtful plan as they make decisions about when and how to introduce and expand technology use in the lives of their children

90 minutes

Just Start Talking:

Parent-only workshop for parents of preschool or early elementary-school-aged children, on the topic of how to begin healthy, developmentally appropriate conversations about bodies and boundaries.  Nudity, co-bathing, privacy, birds and bees, etc.

90 minutes

Calling All Dads,

Your Daughter Needs You:

This parenting class is specifically designed for fathers of pre-teen or teenaged girls, and demysitifies the physical and emotional developmental arc of adolescent girls.  Learn how to support and stay close to your daughter as she moves through adolescence.

90 minutes

What Were You Thinking?

The Teenage Brain

Parent-only seminar for parents of middle- and high-schoolers. Changes in the brain during adolescence explain much of teenage behavior.  We will explore how parents can better understand (and help our kids understand) the physiology that underlies teens’ decision-making and their susceptibility to substances and stressors. 

90 minutes

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

How the Media shape

Body Image:

 Parenting talk. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not in today’s world.  How do images in the media (and on social media) affect body image in both girls and boys.

90 minutes

Parenting Book Club

Bring in ADOLESSONS for an existing Book Club session, or join a like-minded group of parents for a book club series based on a carefully curated selection of parenting reads, Adolessons style.

Seminars and Workshops

For Parent and Child

The following workshops are geared toward the kids, presented with facts and humor, and designed to allow for

parent and child participation and connection. The goal is to kick-start important conversations which can be continued at home. 

Girl Talk/Guy Talk Series:

Puberty/Sexuality workshop for 4th-6th graders and a parent/guardian.  We cover nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotions, pubertal body changes, reproduction, an age-appropriate intro to consent and decision-making, handling porn exposure and more.  This series is offered in 1-3 sessions for single or mixed gender groups and can be combined with a parents-only seminar.

90-120 minutes

This workshop is for teens only and provides an opportunity for teens to have open conversations and get their questions answered about sexual development, body image, sexting, consent, pornography exposure and more.  Sessions are customized based on the needs of the group.  

60-90 minutes

Teen Talk:

Is That For Real?

Body Image workshop designed for middle schoolers. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not in today’s world.  An age-appropriate look at how media (and social media) affects body image in both girls and boys.

60-90 minutes

Private Consultations:

Dr. Klock is available for individualized parenting consultation re: how to talk to kids and teens about bodies, sex, values clarification, body image, digital wellness, and a variety of other childhood and adolescent topics.

Interested in scheduling a seminar or consultation with Dr. Klock?  

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