August 30, 2016

While I spend considerable time on social media, my 13-year-old has zero interest. The irony is not lost on him. Apparently, he has good company out there. Somewhere...

July 21, 2016

What is the big rush? Parents of the younger set, please read this piece by Brian X. Chen via The New York Times before giving your kids unrestricted access to the internet. There are great "dumb phones" and devices on the market that allow texting, GPS location and ph...

June 2, 2016

Check out this review of a cool new study out of UCLA, where researchers simulated Instagram and measured adolescents' behavior, using functional MRI's to see how teens' brains responded to "likes" on social media. As you might guess, their reward centers lit up when t...

March 4, 2016

This is an interesting piece on sexting, a topic that has been getting lots of press in recent years as part of the "secret lives" of teens. As parents, we need to talk to our tech-savvy, smartphone-wielding children about the implications of sending or receiving nude...

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