April 23, 2019

 Can't wait for this event.  Hope you can join us!!  Click on the link above to register.

Our kids are bombarded by messages suggesting that appearances are everything. How we talk to them, and how they hear us talk about ourselves, really makes a difference. Thanks Child Mind Institute for these great reminders. 

March 27, 2017

This is SUCH a hot-button topic of conversation in my world, and there are no easy answers. This piece is full of wonderful food for thought and discussion!

October 18, 2016

Managing friendships and personalities is challenging, to say the least.  Here's a developmentally appropriate piece on the topic.

September 23, 2016

Don't you want to scoop up this little girl and give her a hug?  This is a great piece on girls and relational aggression, and what parents can do to help.

August 27, 2016

Parents of girls: Here is a helpful article, with lots of words of wisdom, from Rachel Simmons re: relational aggression. Some behaviors can really bring out the Mama/Papa Bear in us, but I love the message that "difficult moments are learning opportunities... they tea...

People are sometimes surprised to learn that I give seminars on puberty to parents of kids as young as 2nd and 3rd grade. Puberty is starting earlier, and it helps for both parents and kids to know what is coming their way. Here is some interesting information from Dr....

May 4, 2016

Wow, a little conversation can go a long way. Here is a review of an interesting study recently published in The Journal of Adolescent Health that looked at deterrents to physical activity in adolescent girls. "In a survey of 2,089 English schoolgirls ages 11 to 18, ne...

April 21, 2016

Here's a topic that came up in one of my talks last week. The female athlete triad consists of a combination of disordered eating, amenorrhea (lack of a period), and osteoporosis. This often goes unrecognized in teenage girls and the loss of bone mineral density can ha...

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