Don't Buy the Idea That Teens Are Having Less Sex Until You Take a Closer Look At the Data

This article makes the very important point that we as parents, health professionals, educators, and researchers need to do a better job of asking teens the right questions, so that we can more effectively counsel them regarding sexual health: "sexuality doesn’t develop in a vacuum, and young people learn very early “what is ok to talk about and what is not, often based on things that we are silent about.” When they can’t get a normalizing conversation, all they are left with are the images."

How Technology Changes Teen Romance

I'm adding this to the Adolessons required reading list. This topic is so near and dear to my heart. We MUST start having more open communication with our teens about love, dating, sex and how the digital world, including online pornography exposure, plays into the relationships of today's young people. Please read this awesome piece by Lisa Damour, Ph.D.-- she breaks down the discussion beautifully, and sites some trusted resources.

Teen Wants a Tatoo? Pediatricians Say Here's How To Do It Safely

Have you talked to your teen about safe piercings/ tattoos? The American Academy of Pediatrics just came out with guidelines for clinicians and young people, including advice that adolescents and young adults should "carefully assess the hygiene practices of the establishment and artist (e.g., use of disposable gloves; use of sterile needles/equipment removed from a freshly opened package; use of fresh, unused ink poured into a sterile container)". Here's a good review with some interesting statistics, and a discussion of the type of tattoos called "the job stopper". #parenting #bodyart #adolessons



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