When Teenagers Drink, Avoiding the Risks From Driving

Physicians who care for adolescents are generally skilled at discussing the health risks of drinking, while simultaneously talking about plans for staying safe if a teen decides to drink regardless of the warnings. Parents often have a harder time with this discussion, because it can feel like a mixed message. Some mixed messages may be worth sending.

Parents: Enjoy the Moment

Sage and balanced advice, from a lacrosse coach, for parents of athletes big and small. "Don’t worry about what the coaches are doing, how the team is playing, who should be playing, if they are learning as fast as other teams, if they are a super star, or if they are winning. Just look at them – are they happy? Are they growing and learning and reaching and stepping outside of their comfort zone? Because at the end of their sports experience that’s all that matters. You won’t care about anything else when it’s over."

Does Porn Hurt Children?

This topic keeps coming up in each an every one of my parenting seminars, so I dug up this piece from 2014. Figuring out the right messaging for our kids is challenging, to say the least. “One of our recommendations is that children should be taught about relationships and sex at a young age...If we start teaching kids about equality and respect when they are 5 or 6 years old, by the time they encounter porn in their teens, they will be able to pick out and see the lack of respect and emotion that porn gives us. They’ll be better equipped to deal with what they are being presented with.”



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