The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21

Freshman orientation is not when we should be teaching consent for the first time. Consent can be taught from a very early age-- before it even has anything to do with sex. It's never too early to start teaching empathy, respect and responsibility for actions. Check out these developmentally appropriate guidelines, based on the age of your child: from toddlers to young adults.

Teaching Children the Real Names For Body Parts

Such a great piece. We call them elbows and noses and knees. What's so different about those other parts?? "I want children to understand that they can ask questions about those body parts and get them answered; that we’ll treat those conversations in a medical and matter-of-fact way, and that while there are special rules about privacy, there are no body parts that are dirty or nasty or not to be discussed."



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