It's Not OK: Corona Del Mar Coach Gives Students a Lesson in Class

Here's how one school handled students who were dangerously drunk at a high-school football game. CDM High School made an unpopular decision to impose a natural consequence-- parents take note. Binge drinking is a concern at any age, but aside from the obvious physical risks (increased injuries and death, sexual and physical assault, and long-term health issues), teens have additional vulnerabilities due to their still-developing brains. Alcohol can adversely affect learning and memory, and teenage drinkers are more likely to develop alcohol dependence later in life. Seems like a discussion worth having with our kids.

Girls and Their Frenemies

Don't you want to scoop up this little girl and give her a hug? This is a great piece on girls and relational aggression, and what parents can do to help.

How Social Media Is a Toxic Mirror

It's not just celebrities and supermodels that are digitally altered. Now our kids are studying their friends' altered images on social media. Read on, for some thoughts on why this is a big deal, and what parents can do about it.



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