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ADOLESSONS - Parent and Child education on puberty and adolescence.

Adolessons - Dolly Klock, MD



Hi, I’m Dolly Klock.  I am a Family Physician and mom of a teen and a “tween”.  With over fifteen years of clinical experience in the field of Family Medicine, I have had the privilege of helping countless kids and their parents start important conversations about tricky subjects— puberty and sex, drugs and alcohol, body image, technology use, and so much more.  As I watch my own children grow, these topics have become even more meaningful to me.  And because I am knee-deep in these particular parenting waters myself, I frequently get questions from parents in my own community:  

  • When and how should I start talking to my kids about puberty or sex?

  • My 9-year-old daughter has pubic hair-- is that normal?

  • I found my 12-year-old son googling “boobs”-- what should I do?

  • My 16-year-old is getting serious with her boyfriend.  How do I talk to her about safe sex, while still imparting our family’s values?

  • My 4-year-old just asked me where babies come from-- do I have to answer her?

  • I want to talk to my 6th grade boy about his changing body, but he just won’t engage in a conversation.

  • I’m a single dad raising daughters.  How should I talk to them about periods and dating?

Most pediatricians and family doctors do a wonderful job of tackling these subjects during medical visits, but in the midst of a busy practice, time is not always on their side.  It is quite common for parents to want extra support in this area, and kids often need additional time to open up.  With this in mind, I started giving parenting seminars on puberty and adolescent issues.  The response was overwhelming, and ADOLESSONS was born.  It is my goal that, together, we will be able to open lines of communication, tackle important topics with facts and humor, and build community.  Let’s talk.  



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Dolly Klock, MD is a board-certified family medicine physician, founder of Adolessons, speaker, consultant and mom of two teens.  Dr. Klock holds a BS from UCLA, an MD from Albany Medical College, and completed her Family Medicine residency at Brown University-Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. She has over twenty years experience helping families connect over tricky topics, and believes that the best preventive medicine is delivered via effective health education. Through Adolessons, Dr. Klock provides individual and group consultations for parents, teens and tweens, around a variety of topics germane to child and adolescent health: childhood sexual development, puberty, teen sexualtiy in the digital age, body image, mental health, vaping/substance use, and more

Legal Disclaimer: ADOLESSONS is designed as an educational resource on the topics of puberty, child and adolescent health and development, and parenting.  Neither ADOLESSONS nor Dolly Klock, MD provide any individualized medical advice in this forum or in connection with ADOLESSONS.  If you have medical or mental health questions or issues specific to your health or that of your family, you must contact your physician, or in the event you are having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 immediately.
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